Veronica Fact Resource

At 4 years old, Veronica is no longer a "baby".

At 4 years old, Veronica is no longer a “baby”.

Please review the following resources related to the ongoing custody case for Veronica Brown.

If you are just becoming aware of this issue, or if you would like an overview of the main points, please start with the Frequently Asked Questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Tulsa World FAQ

Case Overview

Wikipedia Summary

Fact Checks

National Indian Child Welfare Association Fact Check

Keep Veronica Home Fact Check

Published Legal Testimonies*

Christie Maldonado Testimony 09.12.2011

Melanie Capobianco Testimony 09.13.2011

Dusten Brown Testimony 09.14.2011

Alice Brown Testimony 09.14.2011

Supreme Court Rulings

S. Carolina Supreme Court Initial Ruling (in favor of D. Brown) 07.26.2012

U.S. Supreme Court Ruling (includes dissents) 06.25.2013

S. Carolina Supreme Court Remanded Ruling 07.17.2013

S. Carolina Supreme Court Denial of D. Brown Rehearing 07.24.2013

Other Filings & Info

These misc filings provide insight into various legal and social interests.

Brief for the American Academy of Adoption Attorneys in support of Capobiancos (submitted to US Supreme Court)

Capobianco Proposed Transition Plan 07.03.2013

NICWA Response to U.S. Supreme Court Ruling 07.18.2013

Right to Hearing Complaint, On behalf of Veronica Brown by Angel Smith 07.30.2013

Statement of Support for Veronica’s Right to Best Interest Hearing 07.31.2013

Dusten Brown Statement 07.31.2013

FAQ about Adoption in S. Carolina

International Declarations and Covenants

United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples 03.2008

International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights 03.23.1976

Support Sites for Veronica Brown

Keep Veronica

Standing Our Ground for Veronica Brown

Support Site for Capobiancos

Save Veronica Rose

Blogs and Commentary

Adoptive Couple vs. Baby Girl Blog

Reuters Investigates – The Child Exchange

Rh Reality

Adoption Birth

Standing Our Ground

*Special Thanks to acvsbg over at the Adoptive Couple vs. Baby Girl Blog for the efforts of making information available. If you haven’t already done so, please follow their excellent work HERE!

Additional news stories/blogs/opinion pieces, etc should be appended to the Standing Our Ground HERE

If you have a suggestion for an addition to this page, please post in the comments below. Also, please share!


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  4. Keep Veronica in Oklahoma with her Father and Brown Family. Put your self in her shoes. where do you think she would choose? I did in the Brown Family. God Bless You AMEN.

    • Hi Lisa. I would be happy to include it. I didn’t have a link immediately available, but if you could point me to the testimony document, I’ll create a link to load here.

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