Panem et Cūriae


With the disappointments realized with court rulings this past Summer, I decided to pull out and publish this poem that I wrote on October 3, 1995.

Brotha on the stand

Rope around his neck looking about as others are looking at him, looking to him, looking through him.

Others, next to the stand

Mindful, spirited, with one hand

toutin’ justice and righteousness

and one foot slowly edging closer

to kick that chair out from under.

It’s no wonder.

To let that twine stretch taut,

holding firm under that knot,

cease any further thought

towards (enter dub here) impurity.

Contamination in a day and age

less than four score from the pretty whore of truth –

When things were laid out simply,

as they should be.

So they agree.

Eyes teeming with hate

as the path struggled from one to the next  “–ate”

(emancipate, proclamate, then copulate – the last straw).

We can falter no more!

Claim they.

Watch and wait.

Time, such a central theme, is still on its own –

this time bridled with unbridled passion, delation, and peppered oration –

towards nothing less than, if you permit, castration.

Come all, come one!

Gather round in this land of setting sun!

Cathode rays bringing happy days

and the spectacle of a pauper turned prince on belay.

Don’t dare turn away.

It’s been so long –

and no longer a cinch

to muster about and enjoy hence

a good Ol’e Fashioned…

Flinching – by the people of the State

– wait –

Do I hear betray?

From the clouds, a faint ray

on the lips of deliberates

coveting four quick ticks;

to hereby state, and foil

those with a history of ill will.

To be rendered deaf (on sealed ears)

and blind (on eyes already closed)

but still

came to see…

Not Guilty!

So I agree.


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